Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Traditional Healers summon ancestors to heal Mandela

 South Africa traditional healers on Wednesday called upon the ancestors to heal former South Africa president Nelson Mandela who has been in hospital  for 47 days.
The healers performed a ritual for Madiba when they visited  MEDICLINIC Heart Hospital in Pretoria.
They said they believe that  the ritual will help to  chase away the evil spirits from Mandela's family and around the hospital and fasten Madiba's recovery  
During the ceremony  incense were burnt in a pot,a knife was stake in the ground , sprinkled tobacco, sang and summoned the Mandela's ancestors to heal Mandela.
Leader of the delegation Khubane Mashele who is also  the chairperson of the South Africa  traditional healers' interim council, called upon  the spirits of those who had passed during the struggle to help heal the anti-apartheid icon.
"We summon the great kings and soldiers of the struggle to help us in calling the ancestors of Mandela, and help him heal because we still need him," Mashele said in xiTsonga during the ritual.
Earlier in the day, a group of traditional leaders from the North West arrived at the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital to deliver messages of support and a bucket of flowers.

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