Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Malawi president Joyce Banda summons deported diplomat

More details are expected emerge in a development which one of the Malawian diplomat was harshly evicted from her house and deported from South Africa as she is expected to appear before president Joyce Banda by the end of this week.
On Tuesday Malawi police which was lead by a Mr. Chaima a Mr Abiya from ministry of Foreign Affairs facilitated the deportation of First Secretary Emmie Nkangama after several attempts to recall her proved futile. The police, from Malawi and Home Affairs officials from South Africa, raided her house on Tuesday morning ordering her to dress up and leave the country before sunset.

Malawi police officer Mr. Chaima who was sent to facilitate the deportation 

However it has been reported that president Banda has distanced herself from the development saying she did neither ordered the deportation nor is she aware of the plan.
According to an investigation it has been revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Malawian embassy acted on their own to deport Nkangama without the approval of the president.
" She reached Malawi safe though she was harassed but it was surprise to hear that the president Joyce Banda was unaware of the deportation and as I am talking she has been requested to meet the president to give her side of the story.” said a relative who chose not to be named.
According to the court documents Nkangama was allowed to continue staying in South Africa following an injunction she obtained on the matter which was granted by Justice Mwaungulu through her lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale.
“ I obtained an injunction on the matter and I wonder that my government has gone to the extent of facilitating my deportation,” said Nkangama on Tuesday.
Malawi embassy sealed Nkangama's house with all her belongings inside and left her children and workers stranded.

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