Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Mandela is a Saint

His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, the man who gathered followers for himself, by claiming to be God, has declared the South Africa global icon Nelson Mandela as a saint of this world.

Olumba who is the founder of the Nigerian based new religious movement Brotherhood of the Cross made the declaration at the MEDICLINIC Heart hospital were Madiba is being treated for lung infection.

Speaking in an interview one of Olumba’s follower Ambassador Ogar Osim said they have been sent by Father Olumba who is also described as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to inform South Africans and the world that Mandela has been declared as a saint.

“Olumba is Jesus, he came in the form of Jesus Christ in this present time; just like Jesus came and occupied the office of Christ 2000 years ago. Therefore, King Olumba has sent us to come and inform South Africa and the whole world that Nelson Mandela is a saint” said Osim

Osim said just like Jesus Christ recognized Mary Magdalene and others as saints during his time, leader Olumba has recognized Mandela as a saint of today’s world.

“ Mandela is known as a world icon, a freedom fighter and a hero but in heaven he is recognized as a saint. He is a holy man and he already got a seat in heaven and its high time the world should recognize that.” Added Osim

Osima who was wearing a white robe called Soutanes further challenged that through the power of Lord Olumba, Mandela is expected to discharged from the hospital anytime from now.

“ Madiba will not die and he will recover soon. Father Olumba is here with us and what ever he says will happen. Mandela will be released out of the hospital because of father Olumba.” Challenged Osim

Osim therefore called upon South Africa to follow Madiba’s legacy and learn to forgive one another.

The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a Nigeria- based new religious movement based on Christianity, its followers describe its leader Olumba Olumba Obu as being the " Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe"

Mandela who will turn 95 on Thursday is expected to remain in hospital on his birthday and South Africans has been encouraged to sing him a happy birthday and continue to pray for him.According to the last update from the presidency Mandela was responding to treatment and was still in a critical but stable condition.


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