Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Libyan Justice Ministry surrounded by gunmen

Gunmen in pick-up trucks  have surrounded  the Libya's Ministry of Justice  to make demands on the government and remained in control of the Foreign Ministry.

According to media reports the armed groups are calling for a law to be passed banning former officials of deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi from senior government posts.

 The Foreign Ministry has been surrounded since Sunday and other state buildings have been targeted.

ANC defends Madiba footage

The ruling ANC has defended the South Africa Broadcasting Co-operation (SABC) showing images of frail former president Nelson Mandela saying doing so  was the right thing to do as the world needed to see him.

"Those who are complaining that Madiba's latest image was a publicity stunt by the African National Congress are eating sour grapes.... We are happy we shared Madiba with the world, even in his frail state," said spokesperson Jackson Mthembu told SABC
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Frail Mandela

In the exclusive SABC broadcast, Mandela looked blankly at the camera while those around him chatted and laughed.  With him were President Jacob Zuma, ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, Chairperson Baleka Mbete and his medical team.

 However the footage was widely criticised, especially in social media  circles by most of South Africans.

 Some of the negative tweets responding to the broadcast included one saying, "After everything the man has done for us this is how we treat him. Like an animal at the zoo. Shame on us. #mandela."

Zuma told  the public broadcast  that Mandela was "in good shape" and "up and about" after his release from hospital earlier this month after receiving treatment for recurring lung problems.

"Our people have not seen Madiba in many years. Now they have seen him open and close his eyes.... We are happy with his health. He is no longer a young man," said Mthembu.
Mthembu further said that the  ANC had invited only the SABC to avoid "making Mandela uncomfortable".
"We did not invite the whole crew, because we care about Madiba. The SABC even distributed the images to other broadcasters. This was in the public interest."
"Our people have not seen Madiba in many years. Now they have seen him open and close his eyes.... We are happy with his health. He is no longer a young man," Added Mthembu.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Court postpone Malema case

The Polokwane High Court postponed the fraud case against expelled ANC youth league leader Julius Malema and four others.

Magistrate Janine Ungerer ruled the matter would resume on June 20, when a High Court date for their trial would be set.

Malema is accused of having made nearly R4 million from corrupt activities. He is out on bail of R10,000 and faces charges of fraud, corruption, money-laundering, and racketeering.

 Malema briefly appeared in court on Tuesday morning, he was accompanied by former Secretary of the ANCYL, Jacob Lebogo and his friend Jossie Buthane who were there to support him.

Earlier, police kept a heavy presence in and around the court building in Polokwane as a few people started to arrive before court proceedings began.
This followed last nights’ security measures by police where they blocked some of the strategic points around the building with razor wire and vehicles. 

  However unlike his previous appearances, by midnight there was no sign of Malema's supporters gathering at the Jack Botes Hall.Only a handful of people gathered outside court ahead of Malema's appearance, this morning.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, said the police deployment and closures of streets was made just in case some people decided to protest or behave in an unruly manner.

Julius Malema back in court to face corruption charges

Expelled ANC Youth League president Julius Malema appeared at the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane on Tuesday morning to face charges of fraud, corruption, money-laundering, and racketeering.

Juju as he is popularly known  is accused of having made nearly R4m from corrupt activities. He is out on R10 000 bail.

He will appeared  with his business associates Kagisho Dichabe, Lesiba Gwangwa, Helen Moreroa and Makgetsi Manthata, who were granted bail of R40 000 each on 25 September.

They are appearing in the high court building as the magistrate's court was gutted by fire last year, nearly a month after their first appearance.

R52m contract
The State alleges Malema's associates misrepresented themselves to the Limpopo department of roads and transport, leading to a R52m contract being awarded to one of them.

According to court papers the department paid R43m to On-Point Engineering, of which Gwangwa was a director. Malema's Ratanang Family Trust was an indirect shareholder in On-Point.

Malema allegedly benefited substantially from the payment, using the proceeds to buy a farm worth R3.9m and a R382 655 Mercedes-Benz, knowing the money formed part of the proceeds of crime.

He was accompanied to court on Tuesday by his confidante Jacob Lebogo, who is the former secretary of the African National Congress Youth League in Limpopo.

Also there were ANCYL spokesperson Magdalene Moonsamy, members Roleta Lebelo and Josi Buthane, and controversial businessman Kenny Kunene.

Traffic was backed up in the Polokwane CBD ahead of Malema's appearance, with many streets to the court closed. Impatient drivers hooted and flashed their lights at one another.

"We are deploying sufficient police, but we don't foresee any threat," said Limpopo police spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Mandela is fine- wife

Nelson Mandela's wife has said his husband   is "fine" and his health is improving after he was hospitalised more than a week ago for pneumonia at the MediClinic Hospital.

"Madiba is fine, Madiba is getting better and better," said Graca Machel , referring to 94-year-old Mandela's clan name,

Machel said Mandela  is in hospital simply because the doctors want to be absolutely sure that he is strong enough to go home and nothing is going to recur.
 MEDICLINIC Heart Hospital where Mandela is hospitalised

Her comments marked the latest upbeat update from the family  on  Madela's condition since he was hospitalised shortly before midnight on March 27.

On Thursday, President Jacob Zuma said that he had visited his predecessor and that doctors had said he was showing continuous improvement.

"Madiba is stable and we are thankful that he is responding well to treatment and that he is much better," Zuma said,

To help him breathe without difficulty, doctors last week drained excess fluid that had built up on the lining of his lungs.

Mandela's latest health scare has sparked an outpouring of wishes and prayers from across the globe and at home.

 Mandela's lung problems date back to his 27 years in apartheid jail when he was diagnosed with early-stage tuberculosis in 1988.
He has also been treated for prostate cancer and has suffered from stomach ailments.