Friday, 26 July 2013

A letter to Joyce Banda: Tears of an orphan

By Catherine Makala

Everyday is a mystery…People  think that as you age the Pain of losing a loved one must also age and eventually die away. Unfortunately not.

I live with the reality day and night more so that I lost two important figures I n my life at a time that I needed them most. I lost my mother and father in a tragic accident on the shores of Lake Malawi.

 This was all attributed to ones duty of care for the people carried on Board. For details you could reference the BOAT Accident of October 2000. With such a loss you could only imagine how families of the victims in such a fateful event  cope beyond this day. First and foremost they are immediately robbed of their pillar and financial provider.

Its been 13 years now with a determination and Presidential Directive issued in 2007 that families must be compensated for the loss of life. 

Six years down the line no one and I mean no one is willing to take responsibility. Being tossed and turned from one office to the next is the order of the day. Where is the Justice. Where is the action of what we speak about.

For how long will we wait for the Malawian Government to make good of this determination. Who is responsible and why has the case not been settled to date. We are left with so many questions but I believe one of the designated Offices in Malawi will one day respond.

It’s a determined Compensation Case why then shouldn't the responsible office honor their responsibility.

Think of the Plight of the children and Dependents left behind to fend for themselves.

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