Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mandla Mandela briefing: As it happened

Mandla Mandela
11:40 - Mandla : I still refuse to be associated with the squabble over my grandfather's money. Real agenda will be revealed.

11:40 - Tokyo Sexwale says "our job is to protectMadiba's legacy, not trample on it. It must live for a 1000 years".

11:39 - Mandla : Mbuso [brother] impregnated my wife.

11:38 - Mandla: As for my remaining two brothers: They are not my father's children. Proof is there in the birth of my own child....

11:36 - Mandla: [My father] impregnated a married woman and he [Ndaba] is a product of that. He should be careful when insulting my mother.

11:36 - Mandla: I'm highly disappointed in my brother Ndaba who told the media Mandla was born out of wedlock.

11:35 - Mandla: The Mandelas are in the lower "left-hand house" and have no claim whatsoever to the Thembu kingship.

11:34 - Mandla: I will continue to do this with the help of the Mvezo traditional council and development trust

11:33 - Mandla: Mvezo is still bedeviled by excessive poverty. My focus, with the help of ANC govt, is to address these challenges here.

11:33 - Mandla: He would laugh and smile at me. He would ask if anyone opposed me becoming the Mvezo chief. None of them challenged it.

11:32 - Mandla: Back then my grandfather prophesied about these days. He would ask 'who of you will live in rural areas?' All my brothers said no

11:31 - Mandla: Nelson Mandela was there when I became chief. Now individuals opportunistically question my legitimacy as chief.

11:31 - Mandla: Grandfather asked me to take responsibility after my father died

11:30 - Mandla: Nelson Mandela said he could not assume chieftanship. He asked me to take it on. He reminded me of my 1st responsibility: service.

11:30 - Mandla says the timing of the family's decision to urgently do the exhumations is "curious".

11:29 - Mandla: I have a right to determine where my father (Makgato) will be buried. I am the chief...

11:29 -

11:28 - Mandla: Issue not so much moving bones, but timing as bones were moved two years ago

11:28 - Mandla: The issue of the family remains: we repatriated in 2011 after following protocol. For two years the applicants have said nothing.

11:27 - Mandla: It seems like anyone can come and claim to be a Mandela and jump on the band wagon.

11:26 - Mandla: And Kweku Amuah also has no business in Mandela family matters, like most other applicants, according to our customs

11:26 - Mandla : Tokoziwe Mandela is belongs to her own family [maternal]. Has no business in Mandela family matters.

11:25 - Mandla attacks legitimacy of several family members involved in court case against him. 

11:25 - Mandla says Makaziwe should focus on her own family and marriage. But so far all she does is sow divisions in the family.

11:24 - Mandla:Many people parading as Mandelas.

11:24 -

11:23 - Mandla: They're targeting a soft target like myself

11:23 -  Mandla: Having stood against my family in the case brought by Makaziwe et al, when they tried to remove George Bizos etc as trustees...

11:21 - Mandla: The real root of why this emerged and the entire family turned against me - this same family took their grandfather to court for his money.

11:21 -  Mandla: I committed my life to development of this community. Now I'm the subject of attacks in the media. Disappointed at High Court... but I will not challenge this further. It will serve no purpose. Will now address the real reason my family turned against me.

11:19 - The life I led in Johannesburg was that of an individual not a servant to the people, saysMandla.

11:18 - Mandla: Madiba moulded me for this very moment.

11:17 - Mandla explains how his grandfather Nelson Mandela prepared him to lead the family.

11:16 - Mandla explains his background. [My grandfather] has always been there for me."

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11:05 - Regan Thaw tweeted earlier: Distinct lack of preparation prior to Mandla's briefing. Reporters laying out chairs themselves. No one here to help. 

11:02 - There's no sign of Mandla Mandela at the Mvezo briefing except journalists, tweets EWN'sRegan Thaw.

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10:20 - For background on the saga involving Mandla Mandela an the reburial of Nelson Mandela's children's remains, read here
10:20 - Forensic tests are currently being done to identify the remains of three of Nelson Mandela's children, tweets eNCA's Gareth Edwards.

09:47 - Mandla Mandela has confirmed that he will hold a media briefing and journalists can ask "whatever they want", tweets the PE Herald's Michael Kimberley. 

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