Monday, 13 February 2012


Police on Monday detained renowned private advocate and politician Ralph Kasambara  at Blantyre  Police Station where he is being questioned over assault charges
According to local press the  detention comes after Kasambara’s office was attacked by unknown thugs.
In an interview  with Zodiak online from detention, Mr. Kasambara described  the whole issue as  political.
”It all happened on a Monday afternoon of 13th January 2012 when thugs came to my office but we managed to overcome them and later took them to police” Kasambara was quoted with Zodiak.
According to reports the thus were found with petrol bombs.
According to police sources Kasambara and his three colleagues were detained for assaulting the alleged thug. He denies the charge saying he was defending himself.
However Blantyre police publicist Beatrice Mwachande dismissed the claims saying Kasambara has not been arrested rather they are discussing with him details of the alleged plot.
Kasambara earlier claimed that the suspect thugs mentioned ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) as being behind the plot.
“The Thugs mentioned DDP Officials as well as State House,We have even recorded them” Kasambala told ZBS
However DPP and Sate House Spokesperson Dr Hetherwick Ntaba has dismissed the involvement of the party in the plot.
Kasambara has been vocal against President Bingu wa Mutharika’s maladministration.
Recently he challenged government that Parliament has enough reasons to impeach Mutharika for  failing to govern the country.  


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