Friday, 17 February 2012


It never rains but pours for Ralph and Arnold Associates as the Anti Corruption  Bureau is working on arresting one of its top lawyers Wapona Kita.

This comes a few days after Kita was summoned by the bureau to answer questions concerning his role in the granting of bail to his client/work colleague  Ralph Kasambara.

It is reported that ACB is conducting an investigation to find out how Kita obtained a bail while the Judicial system staff are on strike.

ACB plans for his arrest

"I have been served by a Notice issued by the Director of ACB to answer questions, concerning my role in the granting of bail to Mr. Kasambara in connection with investigation which is being conducted by ACB. I will appear on Monday 20th of February, in Blantyre, my office colleague Jonathan Kara has been summoned too.we remain resolute in doing what we were trained for" read Kita's facebook  status which was posted on 16th of February.

Kita further posted another status in the morning of 17th February that  the ACB boss Alex Nampota was spotted at Blantyre police station to obtain a warrant of arrest for him.

He however said he is in the old Capital Zomba and  safe at the moment.

"Am in Zomba and very safe at the moment. I have heard of a story that Nampota  was at Blantyre police to obtain a warrant of arrest for me, but up to now I haven't got a call yet. But as a lawyer I don't believe the story because warrants of arrest are obtained at court and not police, and I have high respect of Nampota's knowledge of the law" read Kita's status.

Kasambara was arrested on Monday when he and his five security men foiled a gang of three men sent by the regime to petrol bomb his Law office, he said the thugs confessed to his bodyguards that they were sent after him by the government.

Kasambara has been critical of Mutharika's administration and recently told the press that Malawian citizens can demand their president to resign or commence an impeachment indictment on various constitution violations.

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