Tuesday, 17 January 2012


SHAME: The Decency in Dress Act, of 1973 which made it unlawful for women to wear trousers and miniskirts was repealed in 1993. We now have the 1994 Constitution which guarantees everyone freedom of expression which includes freedom of dress and right to privacy which includes the right to be left alone. However some Malawians have democracy and chose to take the country back to 1973 by attacking women wearing trousers ans miniskirts.

Since Monday January 16, there have been reports that women who goes in town wearing miniskirts and pair of trousers were attacked by people who forced them naked.

According to a local Radio Station Zodiak Broadcasting, its journalists, who were assigned parts of the capital Lilongwe,  eye witnessed ugly scenes of mobs of men attacking innocent women.

A similar case was also reported close to Constantine company next to Shoprite,where a woman was innocently walking into town when a group of young men descended on her, forcing her out of her pants.
The lady was rescued by another woman driving past. She stopped, invited her in and drove off.
Others are stranded in shops and other places as they fear the unjustified attack.

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