Thursday, 5 January 2012

SADC losing more teachers to Aids

The Civil Society in the SADC region
has expressed concern following the
increase of  teacher who are dying of
Speaking at the southern Africa social
forum in Lilongwe education annalist said
the region is losing a number of profession
teachers who could have improved the
education standard.
Commenting on the issue Alfred
Kamphare Excutive   secretary for Teachers
Union of Malawi said the issue of HIV/
AIDS and education is  crucial and very
serious  in the region.
He said out of 54 thousand teachers in
Malawi, the country has lost six thousand
of them due to HIV/AIDS in the last 2
years only which shows that the country
is losing a lot of teachers.
He said it is high time the SADC region
should come up with programs to reduce
HIV/AIDS among teachers and student
in the region He further called on the
SADC leaders to  put strong policies and
HIV/AIDS programs  to its teachers in
the region.
“ The issue of HIV/AIDS among
teachers is a cross cutting issue and  has
created a big gap which is very difficult to
fill, most  teachers have died and if strong
programs are not produced  quickly the
region  will suffer due to loss of many
professional teachers,”said Kamphanje.
Commenting on the issue Lewis
Mwape General Secretary for the Project
Management Association of Zambia said
apart providing ARVs government needs to
consider raising salaries for teachers.
 “ Teachers within the region  do not
get enough money to cater for their day
to day to day life  most of them who are
on free ARTs  can  not  afford  maintain
a good diet to keep them going health,”
disclosed Mwape.
Commenting on the issue of girl
defilement in schools by male teachers
Mwape called the region to policies in
place and produce stiffer pernatys to
such perpetrators saying such cases are
increasing  the region.
He said students must know their rights
and where to report on defilemen

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