Thursday, 5 January 2012

South Africa’s ANC sacks youth leader

  1. South Africa's governing ANC has found the embattled youth leader Julius Malema guilty of bringing the party into disrepute and has been subsequently suspended. Malema, who did not attend the announcement of the verdict, was found guilty of three of the four charges brought against him, said Derek Hanekom, who headed a disciplinary hearing.
    Malema was found guilty of disrupting a national ANC meeting, of bringing the party into disrepute by calling for regime change in Botswana, and of provoking serious divisions within the party by praising Thabo Mbeki, who was sacked as party president and then removed as state president by the ANC three years ago.

    "Ill-discipline is not a cure for frustration," Hanekom said. "Such disobedience undermined the effectiveness of the ANC."

    Malema's conduct "would have a negative impact on international and inter-state relations, and would be prejudicial to South Africa as a whole," he added.

    "In respects of the present disciplinary hearing, the respondent's membership is suspended for five years," he said.

    "The respondent shall vacate his position as the president of the ANC Youth League," he said.
    Malema was, however, found not guilty of sowing racism or political intolerance.

    The Youth League spokesperson Floyd Shivambu was also suspended for three years over the Botswana statements as well as for swearing at a journalist, which the displinary hearing said had brought the party into disrepute.

    Four other top ANCYL officials were also found guilty on various charges, but were granted suspended sentences — meaning they retain their memberships unless they are convicted of a new offense.

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