Thursday, 5 January 2012


By Ulemu Teputepu
Zimbabwean civil society has blamed SADC leaders
for supporting Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe
and not doing anything to help the country overcome
the crisis it is currently facing.
Speaking at the Southern Africa Social Forum, in
Lilongwe, Nkosilathi Tshuma Programme Manager for
crisis in Zimbabwe coalition said its unfortunate for
SADC leaders to keep on supporting Mugabe following
his bad governance rather than helping the country to
maintain its independence and good governance.
He said its high time civil society and human rights
forget about borders but join together to promote peace
and independence in SADCC region.
He said Mugabe has silenced civil society and
independent media houses with the aim to bar access
to information to the public on his wrong doing, “we
have a collapse in social –econimic and political setup
in Zimbabwe which have been caused by corrupted
governance structure that is characterized by repressive
registrations, like breakdown of rule of law, weak
parliament and lack of accountability.”
Commenting on the issue the director for Centre
for Human Rights and Rehabilitation, Undule
Mwakasungura said its high time civil society should
join together to help Zimbabwe to overcome the crisis
it is currently facing.
He said it’s vary fortunate that Malawian civil society
devided during the Mugabe visit to Malawi saying he
was not supposed to be honoured and be named in the
Midima road. He said its high time should step down
and pave way for good leaders to govern Zimbabw

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