Thursday, 17 October 2013


Shot treasury budget director Paul Mphwiyo has been pressed on protective custody pending the ongoing investigation on his shooting and casegate saga.

Recently Malawi president Joyce Banda told the nation that Mphwiyo will recover quickly and he will help to give answers as to what has been going on at Capital Hill

This comes amidst reports that most suspects in the cash-gate saga are trying their level best to interfere with the investigations.

An inside government source who chose not to be named for security reasons revealed that Mphwiyo is being protected by a team of Malawi police officers who are working together with their South African counterparts.

" He is withing Gauteng and he is being protected by a special team of Malawi police officers with a help from the South African police service". said the source

However the source could not disclosed the particular area where he is being kept saying only the police are aware of the place.

In an a Telephone interview South African police national spokesperson Lieutenant General Makgale confirmed South Africa government is helping Malawi to provide security to Mphwiyo saying he is in a safe place.

However Makgale could not give more details on the issue

"What I can say is that the South Africa police is fully in control of the matter," said Makgale without shedding more lights on the issue.

However when Malawi police spokesperson Rhoda Manjolo was questioned on the issue she demanded a questioner but could not respond as we went to press.

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