Friday, 11 October 2013

Civil Sosiety calls Malawi president to resign

The Malawi  civil society are demanding for the head of   President Joyce Banda  saying her administration has failed Malawians following reports of massive plundering of resources by government officers.

The call was made by the Consumer Association of Malawi Speaking following the increase of corruption in the country.

 CAMA Executive Director Mr. John Kapito maintained that the  mass demonstrations against looting of government resources, ‘Capitol Hill shut down’-will proceed as planned on October 10.
CAMA’s Kapito said, “President Joyce Banda has failed to provide oversight leadership on the management of the government affairs since she took office because she has been rarely found in her office other than the many foreign and local travels that she continues to undertake in the name of development when actual fact they are just a drain on the tax payers.”
According to CAMA, President Banda’s failure to provide leadership in the current economic crisis has ‘blown up’ in her face where everybody has decided to join her plundering the economy through theft and corrupt practices taking advantage of her weak leadership.
Kapito said, “The march will take place on 10th October and it will start from Parliament round-about up to Capitol Hill where they are going to present a petition to the chief secretary in the office of president and Cabinet Hawa Ndilowe.”
The CAMA petition to be presented to the chief secretary on 10th October is calling on the immediate removal of the current minister of finance and the entire cabinet to pave way for unimpeded investigations at the treasury and all the government ministries and departments.
CAMA is also calling upon the head of state to call for early elections, and that a forensic audit of all government ministries and departments by a firm independent of government and of international repute. 


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