Thursday, 15 March 2012


The two day meeting chaired by the Public Affairs Committee to find solutions to the country's economic and social challenges has called upon president Bingu Wa Mutharika to resign or call for a referendum.

The recommendation was at the closing  of the meeting which took place at Limbe Catholic Cathedral in the commercial  capital, Blantyre. 

Delegates which include clergy,politicians, Civil Society activist, Law experts asked Mutharika to resign in 60 days giving his Democratic Progressive Party a record.

Bingu Munthalika
Given 60 days to step down 

The meeting found out that Mutharika administration has lost trust of Malawian citizen in a wake of deterioration social economic situation in the country.

The delegates offered Mutharika an option to call for a referendum in 90 days in order to seek fresh mandate from Malawians on whether he should continue ruling up to 2014 or not.

Malawi leading online newspaper Nyasa Times quoted Reverend Maurice Munthali, a leading member of PAC  who said delegates deliberated comprehensively before coming up with the solutions and recommendations.

Munthali disclosed that the meeting agreed that if Mutharika will not step down they will propose a referendum on the grounds that  Mutharika has failed  to address the country's problems.

The delegates argued that Malawians have every reason to call for a referendum as backed by the constitution following loss of trust in Mutharika's government, citing section 12 of the constitution that accentuates the sovereign authority of the electorate.

During his presentation University of Malawi Law expert Dr Edge Kanyogolo pointed out that the constitution has limitations in solving all challenges faced by the country.

He made it clear that recall movement such as impeachment is one of the opportunity in the constitution to deal with excessive power.

Mutharika's administration is under pressure by the opposition, Civil society as well as Malawians to resolve the current political and economical crisis the country is facing.

However Mutharika has threaten several times to deal with anyone who criticize his government

What we know is that such forums have influenced charge of  government before but what we don,t know is   what will cost Malawians to succeed such a regime change.

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