Thursday, 1 March 2012



 The going gets tough for president Bingu Wa Mutharika's administration as it is operating without one arm of government. 

 This follows  the total shut down of  the Judiciary system  after judges and magistrates in the counnry have joined the ongoing strike by supporting staff in the judiciary which started several weeks ago 

The Judiciary support staff members have been on strike for several weeks demanding that government  implements  conditions of service  approved by National Assembly in 2006, however government  has described the strike as illegal.

Several Magistrates said on Monday that they have decided to take advantage of the junior staff strike to voice out their concerns as well. “We are treated as dogs.

One of the countries top lawyers,  Wapona Kita, confirmed the development on his facebook page saying “Its now official, the honorable Judges and Magistrates are on strike”.

Some angry facebook users have described government as “stupid” for failing to resolve the matter.

What we don't know is whether government  is working on a solution to end the strike but what we know is that suspects who are in police  custody, prisons  and other Malawians are denied their right to access justice  from the court.


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