Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Malawi Government Blast Madonna

Malawi government  has blasted  the American Pop Star Madonna   on Tuesday on her plans to build schools in the country .
Madonna, who adopted two children from Malawi , recently announced that she wants to build 10 schools there.
But the authorities  are now sounding off on the Material Girl, who last year scrapped plans for a girls’ school near the capital of Lilongwe.
Malawi’s Ministry of Education spokeswoman Lindiwe Chide said the government is “fed up” with Madonna, who allegedly never informed the government before she abandoned the academy.
“Now she decides to announce that she plans to build 10 schools without getting authority from us again,” said Chide, adding, “We now feel like this is all about propping up her global image and not in our interest.”
Chide further said that Madonna has no mandate to decide where she wants to build a school because she doesn’t know the countries  needs and where we want new schools… “she first needed to consult us, get permission from us before doing anything” said Chide
Madonna nor her charity organisation Raising Malawi  has not  yet  commented  on the controversy

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