Saturday, 21 September 2013

Phhwiyo responding to treatment, four bullets removed - Doctors

The Malawi budget director Paul Mphwiyo was recently shot and severy wounded in an attack suspected be related to his fight against corruption is guarded by Malawi embassy security and their South police counterparts at Milpark Net Care Hospital in Sunhill situated in  the commercial city of South Africa, Johannesburg.

Only family members, Malawi embassy officials and other Malawi government top officials are allowed to visit Mphwiyo

According to an inside source all visitors are demanded to report at the Malawi embassy offices in Pretoria to get clearance  before visiting the hospital.

 According to a hospital source who chose not be named for security reasons said Mphwiyo arrived at the hospital in a critical condition on the Friday of 13th September few days after he was shot in the Capital Lilongwe.

 The source said since Mphwiyo arrived his conditions remains critical but doctors are doing their level best to stabilize his  condition.

 As we went to press it  can be  revealed  that the Budget director has been moved from the Intensive Care Unit where he has been since admitted to the surgical ward.

“ He was in a stable condition after undergoing surgery few days ago, four bullets has been  removed so far” a hospital source said
According to the hospital source Mphwiyo was shot in the face and on chest 

“ He got two bullets in the face which destroyed his jaws and after operation his face was swollen up to date that is one of the areas doctors are concentrating at” revealed the source

The source further said Mphwiyo’s brain was not damaged and he does have a great chance to survive after the doctors finish operating the other areas.

When we contact the Milpark Hospital for comments the hospital  Manager Andries du Plessis demanded a questionnaire, when a questionnaire was sent to him he did not reply as we went to press.

Malawi embassy also failed to comment saying they are not allowed to speak to the press until they get a go-ahead from speak to the presidency   

Since Mphwiyo was hospitalized at Milpark his family members which includes his mother, father and a sister Agatha Mphwiyo have been seen being  driven  inside the hospital by a Malawi embassy vehicle.  

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