Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mphwiyo's Condition Is Reported to Deteriorate to ‘Critical’

  The  Malawi treasury budget director Paul Mphwiyo is in a "critical" condition, the Malawi embassy in South Africa said on Tuesday, just over two weeks after he was hospitalized.

His condition has forced doctors to return  Mphwiyo  to the Intensive Care Unit  few day after  four bullets were removed from his body at the Milpark in Sunhill South Africa where he is being treated.

Mphwiyo was shot  two week ago at his house in area 10 in the capital Lilongwe in an attack suspected to his fight against corruption

In a phone interview  one of his doctors who spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons said Mphwiyo's helath "had become critical over the past week.

 When asked on whether he will survive the brutal attack the doctor said according to his condition it is  currently  hard to estimate his rate of recovery.

“ He is in ICU and when  the person is sick it is hard to estimate as to when he will recover but we are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and we are ensuring that he is well- looked after and comfortable” said the doctor

When squeezed again to disclose the type of gun and bullets which were used by the attacker the doctor  said such information is sensitive and  can not be disclosed to the press.

“ I am a doctor and I have to respect the confidentiality of my patient so I can not go ahead and give you such information without the approval of my patient or the relevant  authorities and such information is sensitive and can not be disclosed” said the Doctor

Commenting on security measures that the hospital has put around him the doctor   said there is tight security  and  at the meantime the family and the Malawi government is satisfied with the hospital security.

“ The Hospital is trying its best to make sure that our patient is safe and both the family and Malawi government are satisfied with the development.

According to reports recently Mphwiyo was moved from the ICU to the surgery ward after being operated however it is reported that his condition turned worse few days ago which forced the doctors to take him back to ICU.

Speaking in a telephone interview Malawi embassy health attach Nedson Fosiko decline to shade more light on the issue saying such questions can only be responded by the Surgeon who carried the operation. 

But Fosiko  therefore agreed  that Mphwiyo has been returned to ICU and is in a critical  condition 

" As an attach I did not take part in the operation only the surgeon can be in a proper condition to comment on the issue all I can say is that he is in ICU and his condition is critical " said Fosiko  

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