Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Probe TB Joshua Over Mutharika's Death, Demanded Malawi Opposition

The then ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has demanded  that the self proclaimed Nigerian prophet   TB Joshua must be questioned by the inquiry probing late president, Bingu wa Mutharika’s death.
President Joyce Banda  recently announced that government is intending to establish  an inquiry to probe the circumstances around Bingu's controversial   death on April 5, including the medical attention he received. 
TB Joshua prophesied the  death and claimed that Mutharika visited him before he passed away  to beg for forgiveness.
The new Malawian leader  who frequently flys to  Nigeria to visit the prophet was accused by other African countries like Zimbabwe for killing Mutharika. DPP spokesman Nicholas Dausi  was quoted in the local press   that TB Joshua should be quizzed. Mutharika died in a sudden cardiac failure on April 5 exactly two months before this date in which TB Joshua said an old African president would die in two months’ time.
“We must find out how he can foretell those things,” Dausi, Mwanza Central MP told Parliament.
“According to Saint Francis of Assisi, that is not Godly. It is not an exhaustible instrument of life,” said Dausi, 
DPP leader in Parliament Dr George Chaponda is on record telling the House that the probe should “include interviewing those who were celebrating after the death of the late President and slaughtering cows.”
But President Banda has justified the probe said the late president was no longer a family member but a Head of State.
“All we are trying is to find out what happened, not who killed him. Is there anything we could have done to avoid his death, did he receive enough attention, why were there three different signs of date of death?” said Banda.

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