Friday, 22 June 2012

PP Obtain a Court Injuction on Section 65

What goes around comes around: Using DPP old  tricks the ruling Peoples Party (PP) has obtained a court injunction retraining Speaker of Parliament  Henry Chimunthu Banda marking a ruling on Section 65.

 Speaker of Malawi parliament Friday morning failed to make a land mark ruling on Section 65 after the executive obtained a court injunction . 

According to inside sources  Speaker was likely going to declare vacant seats for about 40 MPs who left DPP to join the ruling People's Party after the DPP provided a  written evidence as demanded on Thursday. 

"Members I wish to announce that I have been served with a court injunction restraining me from making my ruling," said the Speaker. 

Banda disclosed that   the injunction, obtained by Deputy Education Minister Chikumbutso Hiwa on behalf of the other affected MPs, was served to him by Attorney General Ralph Kasambara who was  present in the chamber at that time. 

The Speaker then invited the chief petitioner, DPP leader in parliament Dr. George Chaponda, to a meeting to map the way forward.


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