Friday, 27 April 2012

Joyce Banda Spills The Beans

Malawi president Joyce Banda has spilled the beans to say the then ruling party approached Malawi army to conduct a coup in order to stop her from being the president.

She disclosed this in an interview during her first official visit  to  South Africa since she was elected in power

Banda who applauded  the military for restoring order said DPP's plan B  was to  use a military coup if  Peter Mutharika fails to inherit the presidency from his late brother.

She claimed that some top military officials tipped her about a coup plot  soon after the death of former president Bingu wa Mutharika was announced.

"The army had an opportunity to take over, in fact for your own information i am told that the army was persuaded to  say if we can,t have it she can,t have it just take over but the army resisted such temptations" disclosed Banda

 "The fact that the army stood up and restored order is the sign that Malawi has matured as far as democracy is concerned" added Banda

Banda who cited the recent coup in Mali  said its high time that Africa should not allow conflicts to take place unnecessarily and carelessly since those who bare the consequences of war are innocent people especially the poor.

"If you can observe Africa is doing well,  look at Mali they didn't last two weeks, Africans have decided no, we are not going to allow conflicts to take place unnecessarily because  at the end of the day  innocent people suffer a lot" said Banda

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