Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ANC Suspends Malema Again

The ANC has  slapped the  ANCYL leader Julius Malema  with another suspension for calling  president Jacob Zuma a dictator at a centenary lecture. 
The remark was made during a centenary lecture at  Wits University on last Friday.  
slapped with another suspension  

According to The mail & Guardian newspaper   the new suspension did not form any part of the disciplinary proceedings against the embattled ANCYL leader. Malema is currently appealing against his expulsion.

 ANC National Disciplinary Committee met on Tuesday evening — after the party's top six leaders gave a press briefing — and decided to suspend Malema with immediate effect. The NDC reportedly sent Malema a letter on Wednesday morning, informing him of the decision.

Currently  the embattled Malema is  forbidden from attending any ANC meetings.

On Tuesday, ANC leadership  condemned Malema's remark calling it a  "shockingly crude, disrespectful and un-ANC" . 

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