Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Malawians calls upon SA to punish the Zulu king

Nhlalo Ndaba, Shaun Smillie and Ulemu Teputepu | 22 April, 2015 00:17

The activists in Lilongwe said that unless action was taken against the two within 48 hours, it would force South African businesses in their country to close down. File photo
Image by: THULI DLAMINI/©Sunday Times

Malawian activists have demanded that action be taken against King Zwelithini and Jacob Zuma's son for making remarks that were viewed as inciting xenophobic violence.

Malawian police have also been out in force on the streets of the capital in case of reprisal attacks against South African businesses.
  • News24 reported that South Africa had closed its embassy in Lagos, Nigeria, after anti-xenophobia protests there.
  • In Botswana, routine patient referrals to South Africa have reportedly been suspended.
  • Zimbabweans travelling by Intercape bus were robbed by four gunmen at the Carousel Tollgate near Hammanskraal. Intercape South Africa, which recently merged with a Zimbabwean bus company on the Zimbabwe route, confirmed the incident. It said the robbery occurred "in the line of sight of the police and toll gate staff".

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