Saturday, 24 May 2014

Malawi president declares Malawi election ‘null and void'

Malawi President Joyce Banda on Saturday  issued an order, stopping the Electoral Commission from proceeding with the counting of votes at the nataional Tally Centre.

 Speaking on state run  radio Banda  declared  this week’s chaotic election “null and void,” throwing the impoverished nation into crisis.

Banda has claimed there were “serious irregularities” with the poll, saying people had voted multiple times, ballots had been tampered with, presiding officers arrested, and the computerised voter counting system collapsed.

  She therefore demanded that  elections should be held in 90 days. she however indicated that she will not take part in the coming election.

However without indication any reason  Banda  disclosed  that she will not participate in the coming election 

 Meanwhile reports indicates that the Malawi Electral  Commission has consulted the Attorney General to seek advise on the development.

But some law experts in Malawi discribed Banda's move as a violation of  the constitution according to Section 88 of  Malawi constitution which states that " The president and members of the Cabinet shall not use their respective offices for personal gain or place themselves in a situation where their material interests conflict with the responsibilities

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