Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Conflicting reports on Mandela's health

Malawi High Commission in South Africa has dismissed reports that its citizens are stuck at the Lindela Repatriation Center  in South Africa after being arrested for illegally staying in the country.

The High Commission  was reacting to story which was broadcasted by the local  radio station ZBS that ABOUT 600 Malawians are stuck at Lindela Camp awaiting repatriation.

In reacting to the news the High Commission  official a Mr. Makumba  Malawi government  in connection with the Ministry of Home Affairs in South Africa are doing their level best to speed up the deportation process.

Makumba alleged that all Malawians being held at the Lindela Repatriation Center  are well taken care by the South Africa government  and the deportation process is in progress.

He further  said currently there close to 961 Malawians awaiting to be deported by the end of this month 
“  In total they were 961 Malawians waiting to be deported and from the month of  November South Africa government has deported   300 out of the 961” said Makumba  

Responding to the question as to what the Malawi government is doing to speed up the deportation process Makumba   said according to the law   it is the South African government which is mandated to transport  the illegal immigrants and the embassy only focus on humanitarian issues to make sure that  its citizens are well taken care.

He further disclosed that compared to last year few  Malawians have been deported  in 2013.

“ Last year all most 3000 Malawians were deported in South Africa by the month of December but only 961 has been deported this year.” Makumba said

He said currently the South Africa government is waiting for funds to finalize the deportation of remaining 661.  
Thousand of Malawians flock to South Africa searching for greener pastures and currently neither Malawi government nor South Africa have the proper figure as to how many Malawians are residing in South Africa  

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