Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ghana's Mahama likely to win the presidential election

Ghana President John Dramani Mahama is likely to win the presidential election against his  rival Nana Akufo-Addo.

  According tp local media  Mahama held a slim lead over Akufo-Addo. on Sunday with nearly all votes counted

Privately owned Joy News television, based on provisional results from 261 of 275 districts, said Mahama had 50.03 percent and Akufo-Addo 48.05 percent.

The station added that "Mahama is the likely president-elect of Ghana," however the electoral commission had not made any declaration.

It based its finding on trends of already tallied votes in addition to an analysis of outstanding districts, it said. It also reported that turnout was at 81 percent.

Ghana's presidential and parliamentary polls were held on Friday, but polling stations in some areas re-opened on Saturday after a new biometric system and late delivery of materials led to delays.

The stakes are especially high in a nation with a booming economy fuelled by a new and expanding oil industry. Ghana is also seeking to further burnish its credentials as a stable democracy in turbulent West Africa.

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