Thursday, 26 July 2012

Self acclaimed son of Kamuzu Banda is back in Malawi

Self acclaimed son to first Malawi president Kamuzu Banda, Jumani Johansson Kamuzu Banda , is reported to be back in the Malawi.

Jumani was deported to Sweden in September 27, 2011  by the Democrat Progressive Party (DPP) regime

 Immigration authorities took Johansson in for overstaying in the country and started processing his deportation. He acquired a Swedish passport after his adoption by his step-father, Matt Johansson.

   Jumani Johansson  changed his name to Jim Jumani Immanuel Masauko Kamuzu Banda. Johansson says that it was after Banda died in 1997 that 'some government officials' told him about who his father really was.

Officially, Banda died childless and unmarried. His claim and resemblance to the former dictator opened up many unanswered questions about the legacy of Banda. Johansson became a celebrity overnight in Malawi owing to his uncanny resemblance to the former president and his measures to seek legal means of proving his identity.

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